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Hello and welcome to The Skin House website! You’re either here because you need a service or you like the name of our business!🫣 It’s not what you think, but we know it got your attention. We are a new business that specializes in Esthetics, a.k.a., Skin and the idea came to me when I was at my house. Hence, Skin House! The atmosphere of our business is similar to a beauty salon, but with a touch of feeling like you’re at a tattoo shop. By that, we mean music is playing, people are being goofy, and self expression is in full bloom. We want our employees to express themselves and show off their type of beauty. Whether that be tattoos, funky hair colors, piercings, fashion, or just a normal outfit, we want them to feel comfortable. We encourage clients to be their authentic selves (appropriately) and enjoy their experience.😎

A few rules we have at the shop:


-NO children under age 12 will be allowed in. You will be asked to reschedule. We cannot give you a great experience, if you have to watch them. We will not watch them for you and we also don’t want our stuff broken!😊 


-No pets are allowed unless they are service animals which is a bummer, because we love animals.☹️ 


-We will NOT tolerate rude, aggressive, racial, or sexually harassing behavior. We will be rude back and you’ll be asked to leave.🤗


-Each renter has their own set of prices, payment types and specifications. They also have their own forms of communication. Please contact the specific person you want to schedule with. Contact information is listed on their bio portion.

Meet the Team

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Danielle Lacopo

Nice to meet you and welcome to Skin House. Please click here to learn more about me and the services I offer!


Hair, Lash, and Makeup Artist

Karen Aguilera

Nice to meet you! I look forward to serving your hair, lash and makeup needs. Please click here 

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